Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table Review

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This movable stainless steel flattop cart table is the perfect addition for any home! Featuring double-shelf construction and considerable storage space, this table is ideal for any storage needs! Order now to start enjoying the convenience and efficiency of this great table!

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This product review is on the Royal Gourmet PC3401S, a movable dining work table that offers the convenience of mobility and easy accessibility for outdoor grilling, barbecues, and other activities. This stainless steel table provides ample storage space with its 659 sq. in. flat top and bottom shelf, able to support up to 100 lbs. Easily guiding and maneuvering the table is made easier with the installation of 2 directional wheels and a handle, with hangers and tank mounting system that allow for the storing of kitchen tools and gas cylinders.

Most impressive about this table is its portability and versatility. Allowing users to move the table around the backyard or patio, the handle and wheels are extremely helpful tools that render convenience and effortless maneuverability. Furthermore, users can maximize the table’s space even further as it includes the installation of a tank mounting system for gas cylinders. In addition, the hangers set up in arm’s reach provide additional space for the storing and securely organizing of kitchen tools.

Apart from its many useful features, the Royal Gourmet has a stainless steel top that measures 33.5”x19.7”, and with the dimensions of 39.4”x23.2”x31.9” when including the handle and wheels. This movable stainless steel flat top cart table is extremely beneficial, with its space for kitchen tools and gas cylinders, and its maneuverability makes it an ideal complement for all backyard grilling needs.

Specification for Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table

This steel flattop cart with wheels is great for all your storage needs. The cart is built with durable steel and features a double-shelf construction that provides impressive storage space. The exterior is finished with an attractive black powder-coat paint that not only looks great but adds an additional layer of protection against rust.

The cart has four heavy-duty caster wheels for easy maneuvering no matter the terrain, and two of these wheels lock into place so you can store your items securely. The overall capacity of the cart is 500 lbs, so you’ll have plenty of weight capacity for your items. The shelf heights are adjustable too, so you can set up the shelves to whatever height best suits your needs. In addition, this steel flattop cart with wheels comes with a one year warranty for added peace of mind.

This steel flattop cart with wheels is a great choice for anybody needing additional storage space. Its easy maneuverability and pre-assembled construction make it an optimal solution for any storage situation. Whether it’s for a workshop or garage, this steel flattop cart with wheels has you covered.

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Praise For Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table

Many users agree that the portable stainless steel flattop cart is an excellent tool to have in any outdoor kitchen. With its durable construction, it is perfect for holding a pizza oven or other grill, and it includes plenty of space for storing utensils and propane tanks. Reviewers also appreciate the cart's mobility, allowing them to move it around with ease. It is also well-suited for versatility, as many users reported using it not just for their grills and pizza ovens, but for any outdoor kitchen needs such as wok setup.

However, users report difficulties in the assembly process, noting that the instructions are unclear, making it hard to correctly orient parts. It also takes much longer than the estimated time frame, with some taking an hour or more to complete. Additionally, some complained that the surface of the cart easily scratches, making the need of a cover or rust preventer a must for long-term use.

Overall, the multi-functional portable stainless steel flattop cart is an ideal tool for anyone looking to make the most of their outdoor kitchen. It is well-constructed, easy to move, and quite versatile, but may require extra preventative steps such as a cover or rust preventer to ensure longevity. Users are also encouraged to read the instructions carefully to avoid a long or challenging assembly process.

Critique For Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table

Overall, users appear to be generally satisfied with the quality of this cart. The assembly process is reported to be confusing, but with careful review of the instructions and diagrams, users were successfully able to assemble the product in less than 40 minutes. Many users praise the cart's movability and versatility, with one commenter noting that the cart's convenient placement on their deck has completely changed their grilling habits.

In terms of the durability of the product, many users reported flaws such as damaged corners and rusty joints, but generally praised the product on the whole. One issue seemed to be with the discrepancies between the Amazon listing description and the manufacturers product description, as many users were left disappointed when the product turned out to be slightly smaller than expected. Further issues included the low-quality of screws included in the assembly, as well as thin plastic wheels that were prone to breaking. Despite these issues, most users are content with their purchase and commend the product on its affordability and sturdiness.

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