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Create instant curb appeal with these stylish patio garden planters! Durably designed with a one year warranty, these planters are the perfect choice for beautifully displaying your favorite plants. Get yours today!

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Boldly Growing's patio garden planters make it easy to have your own successful and enjoyable garden right in your own backyard. With a superior design that lasts for up to five years, quick and easy assembly, and a 1-year protection guarantee, these planters are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. The raised bed design provides extra drainage to keep your plants healthy and the cedar construction is long-lasting and rot-resistant. Plus, the 31” by 20” x 30” planting area is a great size and easy to use. Not only will you get a great garden experience but you can also share the educational benefits of gardening with your family. With Boldly Growing's patio garden planters, you can spend less time worrying about construction and maintenance and more time enjoying your garden.

Specification for Boldly Growing Cedar Patio Planter

This unique patio planter is handmade from all-natural wood ensuring the highest level of quality. The dimension of this planter is 19 ½ inches by 15 ¾ inches by 32 ½ inches and it has an extra-large planting capacity with sufficient depth to house multiple plants. The bottom drainage holes enable the water to flow quickly away from the roots without accumulating and damaging the plant. To offer further protection, a sheet of waterproof membrane is included in the package.

In addition, the unique patio planter is treated with a linseed oil wood treatment, providing a layer of protection from decay and later use of sealant or paint is always an option. The planter is preferably placed in partial shade areas, while letting the natural wood color of the planter bring out the beauty of any outdoor living area. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, covering full replacement or refund if the planter fails in use, providing the user with a peace-of-mind.

This unique patio planter offers classic and rustic appeal that can be used in both indoor and outdoor living spaces while optimizing the beauty of any living area. The extra-large planting capacity and additional included accessories make the product a one-stop-shop for all one’s planter needs. With its durability and wood protection, this unique planter will stand the test of time and last for years to come.

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Praise For Boldly Growing Cedar Patio Planter

Users of the Boldly Growing "Decorative Patio Planters" have overwhelmingly positive reviews for this product. Not only is it constructed with top quality cedar wood, but its set-up and assembly process is quick and straightforward—including instructions that come with the package and a helpful pre-assembly of some pieces. The height of the planter is perfect in that it does not require any bending and can fit a variety of plants. The sealant it comes with also provides extra protection for the wood and leaves it with a pleasant scent.

The convenience and affordability of the product also stands out when compared to other planters of similar construction. Users noted that the product is great value and that the cost was well below what it would have taken to purchase the materials separately. The product is great for people of all ages—in particular, users with young children or elderly parents who may need assistance with gardening.

The durable construction has withstood regular watering and was easy to put together without the need for extra tools or hardware. The ability to use the in-built divider can also help create separate sections for different types of plants, allowing the user to easily transition their garden between the changing seasons.

Overall, reviews suggest that the Boldly Growing "Decorative Patio Planters" are truly an amazing product. The set-up is easy to assemble, the build quality is outstanding, and the value for money is hard to beat. For those looking for a great planter to support their gardening ambitions without the hassle of creating it from scratch, this product should prove perfect.

Critique For Boldly Growing Cedar Patio Planter

This cedar raised planter box has mostly gotten great reviews from its users. A majority have praised its easy assembly and its seemingly long-lasting quality. Customers have reported that the cedar smell is quite pleasant, and that they no longer have to bend down to tend to their plants due to its ample size. Some customers note that they have even bought multiple planter boxes from this company and their family members have too.

Unfortunately, some users have had negative experiences with this planter box. Though some praise the production quality, there are complaints of missing or mis-matched pieces of hardware. Customers have also expressed concern with the wood’s quality - while some consider it balsa wood, most worry about the sturdiness of the box over time. Some have even reported that they received boxes made in China, not the USA, as they were expecting. However, it should be noted that these are only a small portion of the total reviews for this product, and that customers who have had mostly positive experiences seem to outnumber those who have had negative experiences.

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